Chemitex Private Limited, is a Manufacturing, Export, Import, and Distribution concern, primarily dealing in the field of Textiles. We are manufacturing, exporting, importing and trading various Products. Including Textiles and Textile Chemicals, Dyes and Auxiliaries. We import various products from various origins.

Our products are high in quality and economically viable. We have products that are required by and for every sector of Textile Industry which meet the new and fast changing requirements of international buyers.

Our Products have unmatched quality and we strive to ensure that our clients are getting best quality products to meet international standards. We have good stock availability that ensures regular supplies guaranteeing no snag for our clients.

We are always keen to keep up with new trends and are always eager to deal in products that are unique. That is why our clients find various specialty products at Chemitex Private Limited. With our extensive knowledge of textile dyes, chemicals and auxiliaries and our experience with the development of various textile products we can manufacture various kinds of fabrics. Also we can supply a lots of specialty chemicals to our customers.