To do business of Textiles and Textile Chemicals, one needs extensive knowledge of this sector. We can break this knowledge into factors and visit them one by one:

  • What comprises of Textile Industries?
  • What and how many are the products of Textile Industries?
  • What machines are used in making these products?
  • What are different procedures of producing a single product?
  • What and how many raw materials are used in every procedure?

We have strong knowledge of these factors. The founder of Chemitex Private Limited, Mr. Kafeel Ahmed Hashmi, has been in this field for last 46 years. He is the guiding star for all the personal at Chemitex Private Limited. With his blessings, we his inheritors, make use of that experience.

Along with that our own team of Textile Engineers and Chemical Engineers bring best technical support to our customers. We also have strong technical support of many Textile Technicians from various companies that we represent as distributors or those we collaborate with. These are highly trained individuals and have complete grasp over the issues of their respective sectors. Thus our teams of professionals provide best technical support to our clients and can help develop lots of textile products, which would be difficult for the others to develop on their own.

Due to our extensive knowledge of Textile Industry we are able to develop and or market various products, very effectively and efficiently. We can manufacture many specialty textile products that would meet all international standards what so ever.

This deep understanding enables us to know:

  • Where a particular chemical is used,
  • What is its category,
  • Where the right market of that product is,
  • How a client could replace other products with it while benefiting financially and bringing better quality to his products.

These are the issues that a client would think of and talk about when one markets a product. Therefore knowing these issues enables us to create effective sales.